Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management


Nature :
Diploma training
Level :
Niveau II
Study duration :
3 years
Accessible from :
Initial training

Bachelor Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Today’s chef understands the importance of ingredients, of basic technique and of maintaining the traditions and values of the profession. At the same time, s/he embraces creativity and innovation with curiosity and openness in a new world of avant garde cuisine rich in cultural and social diversity.
Today’s chef supports and encourages his/her team, adopts sustainable practices and promotes environment-friendly behaviors, and is current with new digital technologies and robotics.
Today’s chef cultivates the spirit of service, consistently providing delicious and healthy offerings ensuring both quality and profitability.
This program leads to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management as well as the official title as Gastronomic Cuisine and Restaurant Manager (level II certification) registered on the National Register for Professional Certification and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse.


Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Environment-conscious, responsible, innovative and in touch.

Two school years are held in the 1st year: January and September.

The Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management responds to the increasing demands of a constantly evolving industry through unique and progressive teaching methodologies. Its objective is to develop modern, creative and productive chefs, at once excellent technicians and superior business and team managers.

The first two years of the program focus on acquisition of culinary mastery while building business essentials during 5 thematic semesters:
  • E-communications and digital technologies
  • Sustainable development
  • Design
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Science and technology
The program also features a semester of hands-on experience in the Institut’s application restaurants and kitchens as well as two 4-month in-company internships.

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During the final year, the student specializes according to his or her career plan:
  • Entrepreneurship and small business management
  • Foodservice management for large multi-national enterprises
  • Baking and pastry
The program allows the student to develop a modern and innovative culinary outlook firmly rooted in the world-renowned traditions of French cuisine.


In line with the recommendations of the pedagogical team for the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program, the internships department builds the best professional project for and with each student. It accompanies them in their search for opportunities. This program also allows students to experience the rhythm of a company. During these periods, the student-intern remains in close contact with his/her internship supervisor at the Institut who ensures the positive progression of this experience.

In the interest of the students, the program is subject to change.

Benefits of this training

Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management


Terms of admission


Semester start in 1st year: August 29, 2017
Deadline for application submissions: March 31, 2017
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What next ?

Post-secondary studies


Job opportunity

Our curve of progression shows that 45% of our young graduates from the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program occupy positions including managerial competence beginning with their first job. After 4 years of experience, the rate of placement at a managerial level is 88%*. Depending on the size of the company, they consequently progress towards higher positions: Head chef to Corporate chef or Executive chef.

100% of our young graduates find a job at the end of their studies.

Chef, events caterer, airline/railway/maritime catering, chef/owner, personal chef, etc.
Training, consulting and quality audits in culinary production, technical sales in equipment companies, publishing and communications for culinary magazines, purchasing and procurement manager, etc.

*Source: an RNCP survey conducted for the classes from years 2007 to 2011 for the certification of the program.

Younghoon Lee
After initial training in hotel and restaurant management in Korea, his homeland, Younghoon Lee decided to enroll at Institut Paul Bocuse in order to perfect his French culinary techniques.
"I decided to move to France, Lyon to be specific, as it is known for its gastronomy, with the objective of opening my restaurant in a location that is recognized throughout the world."
Younghoon Lee (2012 Alumni) - chef and owner of the Passe Temps (pastime) in Lyon’s 6th district (France). His restaurant specializes in fine French cuisine with Korean flavors.

Dan Bessoudo
Dan Bessoudo gained experience in several of the great gastronomic centers in France. His references? The gastronomic restaurant of Guy Savoy (Michelin 2-star), restaurant Les Elysées (Michelin 2-star), the restaurant Laurent (where he worked side-by-side with Chef Philippe Braun - Lead Chef of Les Ateliers de Joel Robuchon), as well as the Ministry of Health and several prestigious private estates.
"Institut Paul Bocuse encouraged me to succeed by giving me the assets I needed thanks to the education I received but also through their network of companies and professionnels who opended doors for us".
Dan Bessoudo (Class of 1994) - chef owner of La Table de Ventabren (France), Michelin-starred restaurant since 2009


Admissions supervisor

1st year Admission
Suzanne Weber
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 24
3rd year Admission Transfers
Pascal Lamoussière
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 25
4th year Admission Specialization
Myriam Marescot
+33 (0)4 26 20 71 71

Program supervisor

Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Program
Pascal Lamoussière
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 25
4th year Specializations
Philomène Bayet-Robert
+ 33 (0)4 27 01 23 46


Tel. pedagogy
+ 33 (0)4 27 01 23 45

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Semester start in 1st year: August 29, 2017
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The Title as Gastronomic Chef and Restaurant Manager (level II), registered on the National Register for Professional Certification and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse, is accessible through the VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience).

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