Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Management


Nature :
Diploma training
Level :
Niveau II
Study duration :
3 years
Accessible from :
Initial training

Bachelor Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Become an ambassador for the next generation of chefs and restaurateurs
Engaged and creative, you will develop your very own culinary identity. You are open-minded and you love surprising people by feeding off the cultural diversity around you. As you travel the world, you will become an international ambassador of the modern gastronomy of France.

A responsible manager, you strive to respect and value your teams. You implement best practices when it comes to sustainable development, health and pleasure connected to our environment. You are completely at ease with the latest digital and robotic technology to enhance the digital experience in restaurants, at the customer's service.

An innovative entrepreneur, you offer exclusive solutions to meet long-term quality and financial targets, in line with the changing expectations of the market and of customers.

This program leads to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management as well as the official title as Cuisine and Restaurant Manager (level II certification) registered on the National Register for Professional Certification and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse.


Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Two school years are held in the 1st year:
  • September, 2018: French course
  • January, 2019: French course or 100% anglophone course

Program Culinary Management
With a focus on performance, you will adopt a modern, creative vision of the culinary professions, based on internationally recognised savoir-faire.
Practical experience and management skills applied to the restaurant Industry are balanced.You will quickly become more independent until you are able to manage a kitchen, a production process, a culinary project etc.
You will be involved in major international events, from gala dinners overseen by leading chefs from around the world to embassy receptions etc.

In your 2nd or 3rd year,
the university exchange scheme opens up a whole new world with all of its different cultures to you.
> Our International Mobility Partners

In your 3rd year
you can choose to focus on Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry or Party Planning depending on your career plans.

You experiment all kind of the restaurant concepts to find the one that best suits your projects. You develop a wide range of skills.

The Institut Paul Bocuse Bachelor's degree is awarded to you at the end of the course.
This degree is internationally and professionally recognised. Your qualification is registered with the RNCP – the National Repertoire of Professional Competencies.

In the interest of the students, the program is subject to change.

Benefits of this training

Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Daniel Boulud manages 16 international restaurants. He is the graduation speaker of our class of 2014 and Chair of our International Chefs Advisory Board.
Alongside him are eminent individuals with the desire to disseminate the innovative savoir-faire of Paul Bocuse, like Yannick Alléno (France), Juan Mari Arzak (Spain), Marc Haeberlin (France), Hiroyuki Hiramatsu (Japan), Thomas Keller (United States), Normand Laprise (Canada), Enrique Olvera (Mexico), Lionel Rigolet (Belgium), Michel Roux (United Kingdom), Antonio Santini (Italy), Claude Troisgros (Brazil) and Pierre Gagnaire (France).

Yannick Alléno

"The joy of entrepreneurship is matched only by the joy of creation; nothing great is achieved without sacrifice and everything that is embodied by the company is the greatest proof of this."

Yannick Alléno, Awarded Chef

Terms of admission


Intake September, 2018
French course
> The admission and financial terms
> The application form
Deadline for application submissions: March 31, 2018
Intake January, 2019
100% anglophone course
> The admission and financial terms
> The application form


> The conditions
> The application form

What next ?

Post-secondary studies


Job opportunity

Our curve of progression shows that 45% of our young graduates from the Culinary Management program occupy positions including managerial competence beginning with their first job.

100% of our young graduates find a job at the end of their studies.

Chef, events caterer, airline/railway/maritime catering, chef/owner, personal chef, etc.
Training, consulting and quality audits in culinary production, technical sales in equipment companies, publishing and communications for culinary magazines, purchasing and procurement manager, etc.

Younghoon Lee
After initial training in hotel and restaurant management in Korea, his homeland, Younghoon Lee decided to enroll at Institut Paul Bocuse in order to perfect his French culinary techniques.
"I decided to move to France, Lyon to be specific, as it is known for its gastronomy, with the objective of opening my restaurant in a location that is recognized throughout the world."
Younghoon Lee (2012 Alumni) - chef and owner of the Passe Temps (pastime) in Lyon’s 6th district (France). His restaurant specializes in fine French cuisine with Korean flavors.

  • Sébastien Bras 1993 - Voted creative mind of the year 2016, Head Chef at the Maison R&C Michel Bras 3* (France)
  • Mengshi Shen 2013 - Sous-chef at R&C Dal Pescatore Santini 3* (Italia)
  • Ana-Margarita Villegas 2003 - Pastry Chef at Color Cacao at Medellin (Colombia)
  • Indra Carrillo Perea 2010 - Winner 2016 of Gault & Millau (young talents category)
  • Sirorat Lerlertwanich 2004 - Chef Manager at Sodexo (Thailand)
  • Guillaume Comparat 2002 - Executive Chef at Intercontinental Hotel Gingdao (China)
  • Anaïs Foray 2004 - Voted outstanding woman of the year at the Trofémina 2015, Assistant Head Chef at Yannick Alléno's gourmet restaurant, STAY (France)
  • Sandra Zachrisson You 1999 - Regional Catering Manager at Emirates Airlines in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Jean Imbert 2001 - Winner of Top Chef 2012, Chef Manager of L’Acajou at Paris (France)
  • Bruno Rodolfo Camara Hamad 2013 - Member of National Organization Committee of Bocuse d'Or Brazil


Admissions supervisor

1st year Admission - French Program
Suzanne Weber
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 24

1st year Admission - 100% Anglophone Program
Xavier Paulin
+ 33 (0)4 26 20 97 62

3rd year Admission Transfers

Pascal Lamoussière
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 25

4th year Admission Specialization

Myriam Marescot
+33 (0)4 26 20 71 71

Program supervisor

Culinary Management Program
Pascal Lamoussière
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 25

4th year Specializations

Philomène Bayet-Robert
+ 33 (0)4 27 01 23 46


Tel. pedagogy
+ 33 (0)4 27 01 23 45

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Intake September, 2018
French course
> The admission and financial terms
> The application form
Intake January, 2019
100% anglophone course
> The admission and financial terms
> The application form

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The Title as Gastronomic Chef and Restaurant Manager (level II), registered on the National Register for Professional Certification and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse, is accessible through the VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience).

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