Bachelor's Degree (Hons) in International Hotel and Foodservice Management


Nature :
Diploma training
Level :
Niveau II
Study duration :
4 years
Accessible from :
Initial training

Bachelor's degree (Hons) in International Hotel and Restaurant Management

Join the next generation of managers, leaders in our industry, to be the standard bearers of our innovative values
The hospitality industry demands adaptability and an in-depth knowledge of the behaviour, lifestyles and areas of interest of an increasingly demanding international clientele.

  • You will develop managerial expertise with considerable added value, demanded by the biggest international groups.
  • You are a natural leader and thanks to your very own personality, you have a vision that really stands out and can result in personalized service.
  • You are familiar with the latest technology to enhance the customer experience as well as the codes of your profession and can transpose them to the spirit of your business.

Our 4-year programme, based on international academic models, will help you continue your studies to secure a

This education program offers recognition at the international, professional and academic levels:
  • An international Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in International Hotel and Foodservice Management awarded by Institut Paul Bocuse.
  • The official title of International Hotel and Restaurant Manager, registered on the National Register for Professional Certification (level II) and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse.
  • iae lyon Shool of ManagementThe Licence Professionnelle in Hotel Management and Tourism, granted by iaelyon School of Management, specialized in International Hotel and Restaurant Management.


Bachelor's degree (Hons) in International Hotel and Restaurant Management


Two school years are held in the 1st year: January and September.

NEW: from 2018, you can choose a 100% Anglophone course or consider a work-study programme.

From the 1st year, lessons are conducted in English and/or French.
In your 2nd or 3rd year, the university exchange scheme means you can customize your education.

Our International Mobility Partners:

Garance CazéMy experience at SolBridge started with the orientation week, and I remember how amazed I was to meet so many people from different countries. As the weeks went by, I discovered that it was a great environment to study and I was impressed by the professionalism and the friendliness of our teachers, mentors, staff, and classmates.

The most striking and memorable thing for me was the amazing campus life. My semester was rhythmed by many excursions, parties, movies, concerts, lectures and other kinds of events organized by the school and the Student Council. I enjoyed any single week at SolBridge because it was a propitious place to learn but also a beautiful place to live.

Garance Cazé, French exchange student from Institut Paul Bocuse

Within the context of an exclusive agreement signed in 1998, students enrolled on this Bachelor's course work towards the vocational university degree in partnership with the iaelyon School of Management in their 3rd year.


You anticipate the future of the hotel and restaurant industry, and more generally, the future of hospitality management.
Modern teaching methods combined with a "test and learn" philosophy will help you develop your skills with real energy and a sense of responsibility.
You are involved in major international events organised by our prestigious partners: Challenge Dilmah Real High Tea, FoodTech Challenge, EMCup, Take-Off Challenge etc.

From the very 1st year, the world opens its doors to you. Your internship will take place in accommodation or restaurant establishments, in France or abroad.
In the 2nd and 3rd year, the diversity and quality of your managerial experiences provide fantastic opportunities to arouse your natural curiosity.

At the end of your 4th year, you will be awarded a Bachelor's degree (Hons.) by Institut Paul Bocuse.
This degree is internationally and professionally recognised. Your qualification is also registered with the RNCP – the National Repertoire of Professional Competencies.

The five specializations offered:  
In the interest of the students, the program is subject to change.

Benefits of this training

Bachelor's Degree (Hons) in International Hotel and Restaurant Management

  • Number 1, since the creation in 2009 of the Eduniversal National Rankings.
  • An education that is recognized in France and abroad and provided by professors, professionals and experienced consultants with international backgrounds
  • Cutting edge infrastructure: Le Royal, school-hotel MGallery by Sofitel 5*, 6 restaurants located in Ecully and Lyon center
  • A year of specialization corresponding to the evolution of the needs of the hospitality industry
  • Interaction with the Laboratory of Service where the quality of the relationship with the clients is at the heart of our research


Institut Paul Bocuse encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and international scope. Proof of this can be found the worldwide Alumni network or the 2011 creation of one of the first new business incubators in the hospitality sector, providing support for selected projects originally surfaced through student projects.

The Innovative Enterprise Project
focuses on the search for trailblazing ideas for new hospitality products and services that can stand the test of rigorous market analysis and feasibility study.This challenge allows students to be intensely creative but in a context of operational and managerial realities and financial exigencies.

Many graduates of Institut Paul Bocuse have gone on to work for major hotel groups like Hilton, in a wide range of strategic roles. The richness of their education combined with the development of their personality gives them the tools they need to easily adapt to our Group's expectations.

Terms of admission


Semester start in 1st year: January 4, 2018
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Another school year is planned in September 2018.

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What next ?

Post-secondary studies

Job opportunity

80% of graduates in International Hotel and Foodservice Management obtain a job with a managerial role right from the start. The progression towards general management positions is observed in the two years that follow to evolve, depending on the size of the company, into positions with big responsibilities.

Our students can also count on a solid network of thousands of graduates, present on every continent. More than 70% of young graduates start their careers internationally.

100% of our graduates find employment that takes into account their specific wishes within the 3 months following graduation.

HOSPITALITY: front office, operations management, guest relations, management control, human resources, events, sales and marketing, accounting, events, etc.
FOODSERVICE: restaurant management, concept creation, consulting, financial control, import/export of food products, etc.
OTHER PROSPECTS: teaching, training, press relations, customer relations manager, gastronomic publishing, etc.

Mathieu Greppo
After graduating in 1995, Mathieu Greppo has become an expert in the opening of hotels for Central Asia’s largest luxury hotel chains. His exceptional career path has taken him to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kuwait and Mali. Today, he runs a hotel that contains 464 rooms and 405 apartments along with a 3200 m² banquet room.
"I was appointed Managing Director at the age of 35. The hotel industry is fantastic - I’m convinced that if you have good common sense, are mobile and have earned a degree, you can very quickly move up the ladder."
Mathieu Greppo (1995 Alumni) - managing director of the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel (United Arab Emirates)

Nabil Faher
"I chose this school for its human proportions, the ambiance that pervades, and its anglophone environment.
Today, I hold a position that requires flexibility, multi-tasking and stress management while uniting strategic vision, on-the-ground presence, and legal and operational insight.
These are the competencies Institut Paul Bocuse instilled in me as part of my education."
Nabil Faher (Class of 2011) - COO of Campanile Roissy CDG Airport (France)


Admissions supervisor

1st year Admission
Suzanne Weber
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 02 24
3rd year Admission Transfers
Adeline Molière
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 09 85
4th year Admission Specialization
Myriam Marescot
+33 (0)4 26 20 71 71

Program supervisor

International Hotel & Foodservice Management Program
Adeline Molière
+ 33 (0)4 72 18 09 85
4th year Specializations
Philomène Bayet-Robert
+ 33 (0)4 27 01 23 46


Tel. pedagogy
+ 33 (0)4 27 01 23 45

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Semester start in 1st year: January 4, 2018
> The application form
> The admission and financial terms
Another school year is planned in September 2018.

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SMBG Ranking

The Bachelor's degree in International Hotel and Restaurant Management has been ranked the best undergraduate-Bachelor’s degree in the category of Hotel-Restaurant-Tourism education since 2009.


The Title as International Hotel and Restaurant Manager (level II), registered on the National Register for Professional Certification and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse, is accessible through the VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience).

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