International Observatory of Culinary Practices and Meals

International Observatory of Culinary Practices and Meals

A Collaborative Project between researchers, companies and students

Giving new meaning to food and defining the new codes of eating well: these are the main challenges of the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse. In order to respond to these challenges, the Center for Food and Hospitality Research created a unique and innovative tool in 2012: the International Observatory of Culinary Practices and Meals, in partnership with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, the Seb group, Danone Research and SoftConcept.

With support provided by Claude Fischler, sociologist and Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research, the International Observatory aspires to gain a better knowledge of food usages on an international scale. The work carried out aims to depict different food consumption behaviors in different countries: what is eaten, how, where, when, with whom...

This collaborative project is conducted with the participation of corporations, international institutions and students of the Worldwide Alliance. It is planned to extend the project to every students of Institut Paul Bocuse. The rich student body includes 37 different nationalities, with graduates currently at the service of consumers in 33 countries around the world.

From the diversity and richness of information gathered and evaluated, the result is an innovative methodological approach using new technologies, the humanities and social sciences.
Students involved in this research program will conduct, in their own country, a photo essay describing their overall food intake including work days and non-work days, times and places of consumption, hours, guests, types of food, beverages, etc. They will also participate in group interviews during their stay in France. During these interviews they will share and analyze their own eating habits with the assistance and expertise of the team from the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse.
The collected data will then be gathered on a digital platform. It will serve both scientific researches on intercultural comparison and the specific needs of our partners (Marketing, R&D).

Finally, the work of this widespread research will allow offering analytical elements that will feed scientific publications, marketing plans, innovation strategies and development of partnerships. A study has for example allowed defining new recipes using corn for Latin America, a strong corn-consumer market. It also provided a real view of the diversity of possible uses of this product.

Through this collaborative and unifying project, the International Observatory of Culinary Practices and Meals is a unique opportunity to share experiences and international knowledge.

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