Giving persons undergoing chemotherapy a taste for eating

Giving persons undergoing chemotherapy a taste for eating

Giving persons undergoing chemotherapy a taste for eating

On May 2, 2017

Three fourths of patients undergoing chemotherapy experience difficulties with taste and smelling. From the first weeks of treatment, they may lose the desire to eat: their nutritional state and their morale are weakened. This is why the APICIL Group, the CNRS [French National Center for Scientific Research], Elior, the Institut Paul Bocuse and the University of Lyon 1 have undertaken together to carry out an original research program together aimed at transforming patients’ meal time into a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

Involved in the problems of health and well-being through food, these players have embarked on a joint scientific program. A three-year thesis will make it possible to understand the impact of treatment on sensory perceptions in relation to eating habits. The aim is to formulate culinary recommendations for patients, the people around them and professionals working in the catering industry so that these patients can acquire a taste for eating again.

The thesis will be written by Kenza Drareni (University of Lyon 1), co-directed by Moustafa Bensafi, a researcher at the CNRS working in the Center for Research in Neurosciences in Lyon (CNRS/University Claude Bernard Lyon 1/University Jean Monnet/Inserm), and by Agnès Giboreau, director of research at the Institut Paul Bocuse (affiliated with the University of Lyon 1).

A source of innovation, the Institut Paul Bocuse combines the knowledge and know-how of professionals and researchers in order to inspire trends in the hospitality industry and adapt them to the needs of the market in a changing environment. Its highly qualified team is developing an original research strategy. Here, the accent will be on food and health and on taste and pleasure in the environment of the eating patient.

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