Institut Paul Bocuse invites its latest graduating class to become legends

The new class Institut Paul Bocuse of January, 2018

The new class Institut Paul Bocuse of January, 2018

On January 3, 2018

Institut Paul Bocuse is a school of life where passions go hand in hand with emotions. 108 students were therefore invited to participate in a comprehensive integration program on the Ecully campus.

Surrounded by their senior classmates and the teaching staff, this exceptional week celebrating their arrival was marked by fun, unique and festive activities: Team building, treasure hunt, dress code experience, personality tests, etc.

Among them: the new Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Bachelor’s students. This intake also marks the arrival of the first 100% English promotion of Bachelor Culinary Management. They were accompanied by new specialization promotions International Wine & Beverage Management, LifeStyle Hospitality Management, The Hospitality Entrepreneur, Maximizing Profit in the Electronic Marketplace and Strategic Meetings & Events Management.

The objectives of this integration week are twofold: understanding the importance of team cohesion and reinforcing mutual support values, which are essential for the optimal growth of the students and which will help them thrive in their future careers.

At Institut Paul Bocuse, the students benefit from each and every instant of their student lives. The "made in Institut Paul Bocuse" emotional experiences they live through will shape the professionals that lie within them.

Type :
School of Management - Bachelor Culinary Arts, School of Management - Bachelor Hotel-Restaurant, School of Management - Master Culinary Arts, School of Management - Master Hotel-Restaurant, Corporate

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