At the heart of each project, a question of public or private interest

Research work is initiated from practical concerns taken from the world of business or a societal issue.
For each project, the team at the Research Center formulates a scientific question addressing the operational problem of actors, and proposes a disciplinary approach to address this question.

From a scientific standpoint, the research allows us to identify concepts, to advance knowledge and to communicate with the international scientific community. Operationally, the work leads to implemented recommendations, which constitute a springboard for innovation…

One area of research focuses on the hospitality and service of meals in restaurants and institutions (nursing homes, hospitals, etc.). It seeks to identify the key factors in the service of food that contribute to a consumer’s pleasure, well-being and satisfaction. Another focus of research centers on food presentation and the effect it has on how it is consumed and enjoyed. We take into account the price and information given about the food, the ambiance in which it is consumed, the organization of the surrounding space, the tableware, plate dressing, etc.

These works are led specifically within the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Committee, associating researchers and industry professionals and presided by Catherine Rouby, from the Center of Research in Neurosciences of Lyon. The Committee’s mission is first, to increase knowledge about food behaviors and the ways in which it can be studied; and second, to facilitate dialogues between professionals (industry, hospitality-food service, research) in order to create opportunities for innovation (collaborations, new approaches, etc.).

The work generally takes place in real-life conditions using different methodological approaches including observation and measurement of choices, perceptions, quantities consumed as well as the observation and analysis of social interactions.


International Observatory of Culinary Practices and Meals
A collaborative project between researchers, companies and students...

Giving new meaning to what defines food and eating well - these are the main challenges of the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at the Institut Paul Bocuse. In 2012, the Research Center created unique and innovative tool to respond to these challenges: the International Observatory Culinary Practices and Food, in partnership with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, Seb Group, Danone Research and Softconcept. It includes a database containing photo journals and comments collected on dietary habits in different countries. Every year, data is collected on 2 themes (for example, beverages consumed during meals).

Chaired by Claude Fischler, sociologist and director of research at the National Centre for Scientific Research, the International Observatory aims to gain a better knowledge of food usages on an international scale. The research aims to describe what is eaten, how it is consumed, where, when and with whom.

Ultimately, this work will make it possible to offer research analyses that are vital to scientific publications, marketing and innovation strategies, as well as the development of partnerships.

A multi-disciplinary vision of research is developed through the projects, and also through activities of knowledge transfer led at the Research Center: scientific publications, research seminars, international symposiums.

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